About the App

Don’t forget great ideas for gifts ever again, or to get them before it’s too late. Share your wishlists with friends and family.

And many more features in a single app!

Your personal ultimate gift assistant makes your gift planning easier than ever before.

Create wishlists which you can access from anywhere at any point time. Seamlessly add your gift ideas too. For example, create a wishlist for each of your kids – and then share it with all your family members just before Christmas.

Mark the gifts on your wishlists as gifted, creating a profound gift history in the process. Of course, you can access this history from anywhere too.

Never forget an important event again, for example the birthdays of your godchildren. The GIVE AWAY functionalities lets you note down all your gift ideas for that person. Cross them off the list once you purchased them and you will have the perfect overview how many and which gifts you need to get before that event.

The app is free and will continue to be free. However, there are certain features that will only be available with a paid plan.

  • Unlimited items: with the free plan you can only have up to 3 wishlists, 5 events and 5 gifts. The paid plan does not have any limitations.
  • Share wishlists: the paid plan offers to share your wishlists with anybody, the free plan does not.
  • Ads: you will see ads with the free plan. The paid plan does not show ads.

You will find more information, also on pricing, in the premium features section in the app’s account page.

December 5, 2023

For terms & conditions please refer to Apple’s standard EULA here.

December 5, 2023

Hello, I’m Christoph Emrich and I make mobile apps as a hobby.

Here, I will tell you how I use your data in the application to help create the best possible experience, and how I keep that data safe. Please make sure to read everything here carefully. If you still have questions after reading through, please contact me at

When downloading this mobile app or purchasing in-app items inside the app through the Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore, you submit certain information to that platform, in particular your account data, e.g. your name, device identifiers, e-mail address and payment information. I have no influence on this data collection and I am not responsible for it.

To use the app and all of its functionalities, you have to create an account with your Email address. All your data related to your user account will be stored securely and not used for anything else other than the purpose of this app. We might be sending you Emails to notify you of feature additions or when your subscription is about to end. We will not be sending you ads or any other content which is not related to the App or its functionalities to the Email address you provide.

The app uses Google AdMob as a third party advertisement service. AdMob collects user data and uses a unique identifier on your device to show relevant ads for you.

In compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), users in the EEA (European Economic Area) will see a message asking for their consent.

You can see how Google uses data to show relevant ads here.

Other than for In-App purchases & the ad services, the app will not make any use of your data – either data entered by you, data generated in the app or any data saved on your mobile device from other applications and/or services – available to a 3rd party.

The app will not communicate with external data services whatsoever.